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Caudalie is a French skincare company, specialised in Vinotherapie. It is known for its skincare products harnessing extracts from the grape and grapevine and has since become known for its Vinotherapie Spas.


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Former Employee - Sales and Education Manager says

"Don't get stuck on the fake TITLE CHANGES this is what they call growth. Word to the wise; fake titles only work to your disadvantage when looking for other similar or higher positions because your title won't match your actual abilities. For example, the Global Director of Caudalie has ZERO team. How is this person a director with nobody reporting to him/her? How will one benefit from this type of role!? They don't... except on paper which only goes so far when interviewing for new roles. We used to have more freedom as managers but that was taken away when we were required to send detailed reports weekly of EVERYTHING we did the week prior - this is called micromanaging in most companies FYI. No real regard for work/life balance. It is only spoken about- never implemented. Very high turn over. In my 2 years I've seen at least 20 people leave, in high level and mid level positions.- including CEO and CFO. Very low salary compensation in comparison to other similar jobs in same region."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No communication. Felt isolated. Had no support. Outrageous goals. They don’t do enough marketing. Focused on stupid influencers giving them free facials and products all the time and it did no good. Didn’t give raises to hardworking people. Company been around for 20 years and hardly anyone knows about them."

Current Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"Turnover important, no career opportunities, lack of leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low salaries and few benefits, high turnover, no opportunities for growth, lack of leadership and humanity"

Former Employee - Sales and Education Manager says

"Over worked, sorely underpaid compared to industry. Too Many Accounts Communication is AWFUL Company speaks negatively about other brands. In low end, kitschy retailers: takes away from the "luxury" of the brand. Management is hot & cold. No one in this company can take accountability."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Overbearing management that spends too much time micro-managing every aspect of the office down to the emails that are sent and who wipes the toilet seat after using it, only promotes French people, no raises, management plays favorites and gives money and gifts and trips to their favorite people, high turn over of staff. They flaunt that the company is growing, not in debt, sales are up, but do not pass it along to staff while the owners build houses in the Hamptons. One interviewer review had it right - you can hear a pin drop in the office, no friendly banter or encouragement, just encouraged to work harder, longer hours and keep your head down."


"Very low class,trashy,unproffesional employees run this place and rule management aswell..managers leave and come,a lot of times stealing from the company and hooking themselves and friends up with spa treatments and use of the spa facilities for free..."

Current Employee - Executive Director says

"Not interested in people 40+ . Faceless recruitment process."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanaged, company over promises and under delivers"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"You are just a a pawn on Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas's chessboard. You can be fired with absolutely no reason, I mean professional reason, just because finally they don't have a good fit with you... They do not respect people and their personal life at all. They just want to shine in the newspapers and on Instagram. My advise, stay away from this company, especially if you already have a good job somewhere else."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Après des années d'expériences professionnelles, cela a été bien la première fois que je suis sortie d'une expérience aussi négative. L'être humain n'est pas considéré. Nous sommes des machines à traiter des dossiers: 70-80/jour, sinon nous ne sommes pas à la hauteur."

ADV (Former Employee) says

"L'anticipation et les formations ne sont pas la force de cette entreprise."

Commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Associé vie de famille et vie professionnelle et juste impossible comment faire quand nous faisons une moyenne de 55 heures semaines (heures de trajet calculée). Pour s'occuper de nos enfants...Le coffreObjectif inatteignable"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"I had a good experience working for Caudalie. I traveled 60% of the time and that become very exhausting. I got job offer with more money and less travel and so that is the only reason I left.Great productsToo much travel"

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Aucun avis ne peut etre communique il s agit de la confidentialite d entreprise"

Inventory Clerk (Former Employee) says

"It was incredible to do that job . Inventory was memorable for me to check how many items they sells. the most impress was how manager spoke in French .salaynot promoted"

Head pastry chef - Sources (Former Employee) says

"It's a good poace for learning some skills , but the salary it's cheaper . Bordeaux it's a good place too be and it's a good entreprise for your resume"

Account Executive, Mid-Atlantic (Former Employee) says

"Not too much direction. But clear job description. Great position and title. Privately held company, great growth potential and great benefits and perks."